Why Learn How to Blog?

If you’ve already got a website do you really need a Blog, and if so why?

The answer is a definite YES. Websites with a Blog (where content frequently changes) attract more search engine traffic than most brochure-style Websites (where content is normally static).

So, if one of your strategies is to grow your business by attracting more visitors to your website through the search engines then you need to learn how to blog and set up and regularly add content to it.

What’s the Evidence

A recent study by the Internet Company Hubspot demonstrated that out of 1500 customers only 50% had a blog, and those that did had 50% more site traffic than those that didn’t.

So, if your website has a blog and the websites of your competitors don’t, you’ll gain an advantage over them.

Of course, there are some provisos here. It’s no use setting up a blog without selecting and using keywords that are relevant to your business, and it’s no use setting up a blog if you don’t add to it regularly (see below).

How Do Blogs Increase Website Traffic?

When you learn how to blog you’ll be able to use your blog to:

  • Interact easily with prospects & customers
  • Provide industry or topic-related instruction and education
  • Communicate industry and community news

And as you do this you’ll increase your website traffic.

As you build your blog you’ll be adding new keyword-rich information to your website on a regular basis. Search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) will reward your efforts because they love new quality content that they can deliver to web surfers. All search engines have become more intelligent over the last few years, and are able to distinguish between new quality content and duplicate content of inferior quality (i.e repetition, bad grammar, poor structure).

Blog content doesn’t  have to be only text. It can also include, video and audio podcasts and pictures.  If you go to You-tube you’ll find examples of many small Internet businesses successfully promoting their products using video blogs.

How a Blog Can Increase Website Traffic

When you learn how to blog here are four ways of using your blog to increase the traffic to your Website:

1.       Provide News 

A blog enables you to keep your website visitors up-to-date with information about what’s going  in your business. You can use your blog to talk about the great things you’re doing and get visitor feedback (blogs enable your visitors to write comment and ask questions). You can also introduce new products in an informal way and comment on what’s happening in your industry.

2.       Educate & Instruct Your Customers

You can use your blog to inform and educate your customers.  You can use your blog to position yourself  as an industry expert. The better your customers know you the more likely it is that they’ll buy more of your products and services.

For example, a local garden center could use its blog to write about particular shrubs and plants etc. and provide advice on varieties to choose and growing tips. Its blog articles could recommend plants and other products that it sells, and these products could be purchased on-line for customers who aren’t able to visit the garden center.

3.       Encourage Customer Dialogue and Discussion

A business blog is also a superb way of starting a discussion with your customers. You can ask them questions and seek opinions on their problems and plans for their gardens. This is a good way of getting valuable feedback which you can use to improve your business as it grows.

Start a Blog Straight Away

Hopefully I’ve convinced you about the importance of having a business blog.  You can create one either by adding one to an existing website or redevelop your current website to include a blog.

Laern how to blog by starting with simple blog articles and whilst you are creating them visit other blogs on the web to get inspiration and ideas on how to develop your own blog.

If you’re new to blogs there are a number of products you can look at to build your blog:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Blogger
  • Hubspot

Perhaps the best known of these is WordPress. It’s used by almost 3 million individuals and businesses world-wide. It’s easy to use and very secure.

Visit You-tube and you’ll find lots videos providing lessons which will help you set up and develop a wordpress blog and learn how to blog using text articles, photographs and videos. Most web-hosting companies provide tools which will help you set up a blog in minutes rather than hours and videos and articles to help you learn how to blog.

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