Is Google Adsense Dead?

Do you need to bother with Google’s Adsense? Is it really worth it?

When Google’s launched its Adsense advertising program in 2003 it quickly accumulated lots of fans and made many website owners tons of money. Since then Google Adsense has had its fair share of supporters and critics.

We need to ask ourselves whether Adsense advertising can it still be as effective a business tool as it used to be, and whether it could be used on your website to create an additional very profitable “Adsense Income Stream” for your business.

Adsense and the Demise of Web Advertising

As the use of the web has increased, people have become accustomed to seeing advertisements on web pages and blogs, and quite often ignore them, even though they may be looking for products or services to buy.  The argument is that because visitors are not paying any attention to web advertisements, they no longer have any income earning potential.

While this is certainly true in many cases and some business owners have seen a reduction in their AdSense earnings, AdSense advertising still makes great sense both as a business building tactic and as an income generator. It’s still working well for a large number of website owners.

AdSense Still Provides Enormous Potential for Profit

The truth is that it’s not Adsense advertsing that’s the Problem.

Many of the people who have seen their AdSense earnings go down are of the “set it and forget it” mindset. That is to say that they placed their Google AdSense advertisements on their site three years ago but they haven’t:

  •  Tested
  • Tracked
  • Made any changes whatsoever

Most tactics lose their effectiveness over time. If you don’t pay attention to the information that you get back from Google (and their’s lots of it) then your AdSense advertising will almost certainly lose its effectiveness over time.

You Must Have an Adsense Strategy

Google offers lots of ways for you to fine tune your AdSense advertisements and campaigns. There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t be like thousands of other website owners who still earn a steady income from their Google AdSense ads. And for some owners this income can amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month..

If you’re willing to create goals for your AdSense earnings and test and track and make strategic changes to your AdSense advertisements you can make a sizeable passive income to supplement your other business earnings.

The attractive thing about using Google Adsense is that it costs you nothing. Why wouldn’t you use it?

Four Steps to Adsense Success

It’s the same with Adsense as with any other marketing or income generating tactic. Strategy and planning are essential.

Here are four key steps to make it successful.

You need to pay careful attention to:

  • Goal setting
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Testing, tracking and adapting

Benefits of Google Adsense

When you follow those four key steps, AdSense can offer you and your business a number of benefits.

Passive Income

The first and perhaps most desirable benefit from participating in the AdSense program is that you can earn money.

By placing Adsense advertisements on your website web pages, you can produce  anywhere from pennies to thousands of dollars each month. It’s passive income which means you earn money while you’re sleeping, eating, playing and growing your business.

I hope you agree that it couldn’t get better than that!

Credibility & Value

Depending on how you present the AdSense ads on your website they can enhance your company’s image. It’s somewhat similar to providing your visitors with high quality and reputable links to other products and services related to your topic. Both of them add value.

The key to success and enjoying these benefits is to create a very strategic and focused AdSense strategy. Go to Adsense $100K Blueprint to learn more about how to use AdSense to generate income and grow your business (more about this website later).

Resources to Help You with Adsense

If you’ve got a mature website and your traffic volumes are increasing you should consider using Google Adsense. There’s a good chance it may work well for you and generate welcome additional money with minimal input on your part.  Blogging for Business Growth is a good example of an Internet site that uses Adsense well.

We didn’t set out to provide you with a full introduction to Google Adsense but we’ll write an additional article on this over the next couple of weeks. If you want more information immediately visit the Google Adsense site for detailed information. There are also some very good Adsense training websites such as  Adsense video training that provide excellent instruction on how to set up an Adsense advertising account.

If your website is an “Authority” website (i.e. lots of detailed information relevant to your speciality) you should definately investigate Adsense.

The Adsense $100K Blueprint is an excellent Training Course to help you with this.

The Adsense $100K Blueprint

This popular Course will take you through every step of setting up and managing Adsense on your website.

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