Configuring WordPress for Webmarketing

However, despite the fact that WordPress is the obvious choice for webmarketing, when it’s first installed it isn’t ideally configured for the task. This is perhaps not surprising because it was always intended to be a very flexible web development tool able to accommodate the needs of a wide variety of different website developers.

And so here are seven things that need to be done to re-configure and enhance WordPress in order to make it suitable for webmarketing.

1. Check that you have latest version of the software. WordPress can be downloaded from a variety of different internet sites , but some of these sites might not make the very latest version of the software available. However, this isn’t a significant problem because during installation WordPress installs an “update cookie” . Its the job of this cookie to make sure that you are informed whenever there is a newer version of WordPress available. You only need to choose the automated update option and your installation will be automatically updated.

2. Delete WordPress example posts and links. WordPress automatically sets up each new installation with a default post with the title ‘Hello World’ with a couple of attached comments. You don’t need either of these and so they should be deleted. Also, when you are doing this you should also delete the links list stored under ‘Blogroll’. All of these items are only there as examples and need to be removed so that your blog can be set up cleanly.

3. Re-configure your privacy settings. WordPress is set up with a default setting that prevents search engines from seeing any articles you post on your website. This is obviously not what you want! Change this by going to the “Settings” menu item in the Administration area of WordPress. Select “Privacy” in this area and click the appropriate radial button to make your blog visible to everyone.

4. Install Akismet to stop Spam.When WordPress is installed a plug-in called Akismet is installed with it. Akismet can be used to stop people spamming your site, but it has to be activated first. To do this, follow the instructions provided with the plug-in and get a key code from the Akismet website. Copy and paste this code into the appropriate field area in Akismet plugin section of WordPress and then activate Akismet. When this has been done your website will be protected from spam comments.

5. Re-configure the format for post/article links. To help ensure that your posts are discovered by the search engines, the link names associated with the articles you post (e.g. should indicate what your posted articles are about. If you use the standard WordPress settings this won’t be the case. You need to make some changes by going to the WordPress “Settings” menu again and selecting “Permalinks”. Click the “custom” radial button in this area and type “/%category%/%postname%/” into the text field area. When this is done the links to your articles will indicate both the category and title of your article.

6. Set up automated website back-up. When initially configured WordPress doesn’t provide an automated back-up facility. It’s very easy to neglect important things like backing-up your website, but If you do you could end up losing lots of your posts/articles and web content if a particular task you are carrying out on your website goes wrong. Solve the back-up issue by searching for and installing a free WordPress plug-in called “Database Backup”. Follow the instructions provided with the plug-in and schedule regular back-ups of your website.

7. Change your website theme. One of the really nice things about WordPress is that lots of independent developers have produced fantastic website themes which can used to enable you to transform the look of your WordPress website. Many of these themes are free and you can be downloaded and reviewed from within WordPress. With just a few button clicks you’ll be able to find just the right sort of theme for your webmarketing business.

Invest in Some More WordPress Training

Once you start to get your internet business moving, you will probably need some more training to get the best out of WordPress as a webmarketing tool. I recommend the very popular Website101 video instruction series. Click here to visit the website. You can find out more about this series here. The lessons provided are excellent quality and very inexpensive. They can be used again and again without any additional cost, and will help you to become an expert at using WordPress for webmarketing your business.

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