The Golden Rules of SEO

It’s a fact. Around 99% of internet marketers fail to achieve any form of rank in the search engines because they violate one or more of the golden rules of SEO.

Even if you only break just one of these four rules, the time, effort and money that you put into your project might just as well have been poured down the drain.

Market Samurai will help you find golden opportunities that exist in your marketplace, and ensure you avoid dead-end projects before you start them.

Market Samurai Keyword Tool

Market Samurai is one of the most popular SEO tools in the marketplace. It’s a standalone SEO keyword tool that will help you research the best keywords for your industry and focus on those that are best for your market niche.

Market Samurai pulls its information from Google and other keyword tools. As useful as Google keyword tools are they leave a lot undone. Market Samurai picks up where Google leaves off. It enables you to pick the best keywords and avoid keywords which aren’t the best choice for your website. It also has a competition feature that helps you identify which keywords are being used by competitors to achieve their rankings in Google.

Market Samurai’s rank tracker allows you to view your site’s keyword progress as graphs, which clearly show increases and decreases in traffic. It also stores historical data on your keywords and your URLs so you can continuously view their progression. After viewing your reports, you can export data about any of your keywords as a CSV, where you can analyze it using Excel.

The Market Samurai support center has video tutorials that give detailed explanations about each component of Market Samurai’s toolset. Unfortunately, there is not a direct phone number or email address for contacting customer service. If you need to reach out, your only option is to generate a help ticket and wait for a response.

Training Videos

Market Samurai comes with a vast collection of videos which provide comprehensive SEO training. They’ll take you all the way from SEO fundamentals to the sophisticated techniques that professional use. Watch videos to see examples of market niches with massive traffic levels… but almost ZERO commercial value

Market Samurai Benefits

  • Find Magnetic Keywords

    Discover the keywords which will dramatically increase your website traffic

  • Avoid Common Keyword Mistakes

    Find out how to filter out the useless keywords guaranteed to cost you time and money and learn about the common “keyword traps” that can ruin all your hard work

  • Develop a Keyword Strategy

    Learn advanced strategies for finding relevant, high-traffic, high-quality keywords in your market

  • Become an SEO Expert

    With the tools and training that Market Samurai provides you’ll rapidly become an SEO expert.

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