If you are looking for ideas on a low cost but effective way to promote your business  you should consider using HubPages. In this article in our Small Business Marketing Ideas Series we’ll introduce you to HubPages and explain the benefits of becoming a member (don’t worry its FREE!).

HubPages is a content submission websites that is free to join. You can use it to market your small business and find new customers.

Setting up a HubPages account and becoming a HubPages member is very easy to do. Once you’ve signed up and become a member you can start creating, writing and posting articles on your chosen specialist subject.

The Goal of HubPages

HubPage’s primary goal is to encourage its Page members to produce articles containing content which is both high quality and helpful.

HubPages is very different from blogs and social websites such as Facebook and Myspace. It provides its members with an area on the web where they can build their profiles by posting short articles and other content such as videos which demonstrate your know-how and skills. As a result of this a successful WebPages member can make lots of new contacts and and promote his or her business and win new customers.

For example: if you’re a copy-writer you might choose to build a HubPages “Hub” on a selected area of copy-writing and web link it to other appropriate, relevant HubPages and also to your Twitter and Facebook pages.  And once you’ve produced your first Hub you can create more content on other elements of copy writing or create additional Hubs.

Where to Post Your Content – Your Website or HubPages?

It can be a better idea to place your articles on HubPages than on your company website (depending of course, on the content of your articles) because HubPages has a very high PageRank and is well regarded by Google. In consequence, when your content is posted on HubPages its more likely to be ranked by Google than it would if it was on your company website.

Marketing Your Business with HubPages

Now lets look at how you can use HubPages to market your business?

1. Connect with the Visitors Who Come to Your Hub

One of the biggest benefits of HubPages is the community of HubPages members. When you submit really good content (articles and videos), other HubPages members will visit your Hub and leave relevant comments. They’ll ask questions when they visit and you’ll  need to be diligent in answering these questions so that they’ll be interested in coming back to your Hub again and again.

It’s important to become really pro-active once you have produced and submitted your content. If you are you’ll be able to build relationships with your Hub visitors, and the connections you make will open doors to new business opportunities.

As lots of other HubPages members have proved, your visitors will frequently become customers or joint venture partners once they start guest blogging on your Hub.

 2. Aim to Get Your HubPages Profile Score above 75

HubPages assigns each member a User Profile Score which is a rating of how HubPages perceives the caliber of your content.

Once you mange to achieve a profile score of 75 or higher all the hyperlinks that are on your HubPages will become DoFollow URL links (i.e. visitors will be able to click on these links and follow them to your business website or social media accounts).

So a good question is “How do I get my HubPages user profile score above Seventy five?”

The answer is quite straightforward. You reach this score by writing and submitting a large amount of high quality content.  In working to achieve this score you’ll get more and more visitors to your Hub, and when they indicate that they have found your articles useful, your ratings will increase.

3. Link to Your Social Media Sites

HubPages is an amazingly good way of using social media to promote the content on your Hub,  because every one of your articles will automatically have Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon buttons on them. Because of this you’ll be able to use all your social media accounts to promote your HubPages content.

For example; if you’re particularly active on Reddit and have a popular high traffic Reddit account, then you should submit the content of your Hub to Reddit. By doing this you’ll increase the number and frequency of visits to your Hub and raise your HubPages profile.

It you keep up a high level of activity it won’t be long before you no longer need to continually submit your content to Reddit or other social media accounts, because your visitors will submit your Hub content on your behalf. They’ll do this because they like it and want to share it.

Make a Start with HubPages

Marketing your business with HubPages can be achieved by building your HubPages audience and interacting with them. By doing this many of them will become customers or will refer others to you. In addition to this you’ll also get additional search engine traffic.

If you’re looking for ideas on building your business by finding new customers I hope I’ve managed to convince you that if you haven’t looked closely at How to Promote Your Business Using HubPages, you should do so.

Head over to HubPages now and open an account. And don’t forget to read the other articles in our Small Business Marketing Ideas Series.


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