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The world of internet marketing doesn’t stand still. If you’re an internet marketer you need to be constantly vigilant, watching internet trends, observing competitors and then adapting and changing what you do. If you don’t stay ahead of the game these competitors can easily erode your hard-earned gains.

Over the last ten years I’ve watched internet marketers come and go. Some decided to opt out of the business altogether and others just faded away. These things are to be expected in any market area, but they are much more common in the rapidly changing world of the internet.

Starting an internet business can all to often appear very easy. Start-up costs are fairly low and the lure of massive global markets appears to offer limitless opportunities to anyone seeking to make money selling on-line. But whilst there are plenty of examples of successful internet marketers, for every one that succeeds, there are many, many more who fail.

And amongst those internet marketers who are successful there are many who fail because they refuse to optimize their business once they have started to make significant amounts of money. If they had done this they would probably still be successful internet marketers today.

The fact is that even though your internet products may be selling successfully now with sales increasing month on month, there are always ways in which you can make enhancements.

It’s attention to detail that separates the marketers who are good from those that are truly great, and so to help you continue running  with the internet marketing winners we’ve provided a few ideas and tips below that will help you optimize your website sales funnel to increase website traffic and sales conversions.

Validate Your Sales Funnel from Top to Bottom

The home page of your website is probably at the top of your sales funnel. Potential customers start here. The bottom of your sales funnel is the check-out page where sales transactions are completed.

These two pages are the main focus of attention for most internet marketers, but there are lots of steps in-between where potential customers can be lost. Because of this it’s essential to analyze all the pages involved in your sales funnel, not just those at the top and the bottom.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS will help you to do this. This free tool from Google can be used to help you track activities on every page of your sales funnel and find out what happens to visitors as they traverse the relevant sales pages of your website.

Use Split Testing

Once you have analysed what’s happening on each page in your sales funnel you will be able to use split testing to help optimize your sales funnel.

Split testing isn’t a new technique. If you’ve been involved in internet marketing for any reasonable length of time you’ll be familiar with it, although you may not have used it. Split testing will enable you to identify the factors that are influencing your level of sales conversions, and identify positive and negative factors affecting every page of your website, not just the sales page.

There are many products that will enable you to track how minute changes can affect the performance and success of your website. Two of the best are VISUAL WEBSITE OPTIMIZER and OPTIMIZELY.

Both of these products provide useful features that you can use without a high level of technical expertise, although before you start using any split testing product, make sure you check all available features and choose those which are most suited to your needs.

Both the products above when used with Google analytics will help you find out which parts of your website are doing well and provide you with the tools to test how they could do better.

Change and Tweak Your Sales Funnel

Here are some examples of things that you might want to look at to change and tweak your website pages.

  1. Work on Your Headlines

There has been lots of research carried out to demonstrate the importance of gaining the attention of visitors when they first visit your website. The consensus is that if you don’t gain attention within ten seconds your visitor is likely to leave your page.

For this reason your headlines must be optimised to create maximum visitor impact. Achieve this and they’ll continue to read your website page. Fail and they’ll leave.

There are countless ways in which you can increase the impact of your headlines, from using emotional (even shocking!) statements to providing testimonial snippets. There are lots of headline examples all over the web that you can learn from and more than a few tools you can use to help you put together attention-grabbing headlines.

  1. Use Stories

Most people surfing the web are looking for specific information or are looking to be entertained. A good sales page will do both. If you can excel in both of these areas your visitors are much more likely to continue working their way through your sales funnel pages.

Here’s an example of how to use both of these to grab the attention of a website visitor.

If you have an IM product that you’re selling to help your prospective customers achieve their objective of making money on-line, first grab your visitors attention with a good headline and then tell a story about how you started as an internet marketer, describing the hurdles you had to overcome in order to establish your business. In this way a potential customer will identify with you and trust you and have the confidence to take the next step towards buying your product.

  1. Learn from Competitors

Study what your competitors are doing. If they are successful it’s likely that they have tested various internet marketing models to find the one which works best. You can copy bits and pieces from their campaigns and split-test them to see how they might affect your internet traffic and conversions. Find those bits that work well and identify those which don’t.

This process of “reverse engineering” competitors websites will also work for those things which are off-site. For example, products such as ISPIONAGE can help you discover what pay-per click keywords and ad text your competitors are using and the average price they are paying for specific ads. Such information can prove invaluable even if you are only working with a small marketing budget.

  1. Test All Aspects of Your Site

Test every detail of your site, not just the text. Test colour combinations, side-bar positions and widths, menu placements etc. The smallest changes can sometimes make a big difference.

Relentlessly Innovate

The point of this article is to encourage you to relentlessly innovate with what you are doing, but do this in a planned not an adhoc way. As you do this and discover additional methods and techniques to improve your sales conversions don’t keep your experience to yourself. Let me know so that I can pass on information about your successes to other internet marketers.

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