Before we look at company newsletter ideas that can be used to grow your business we should remind ourselves about the message internet marketing gurus have been preaching to us since the arrival of email communication.

Their message is that “The Money is in the  List” ,  meaning the list of customer and prospect names without which it wouldn’t be possible to grow a business.

They are quite right in making this statement, but it’s been true ever since postage stamps were invented, and its been shown to work again and again.

How the Internet Has Affected “The List”

Now we’re in the internet age we no longer need paper, printing, envelopes or stamps.  We can use our list to make money without the costs of the pre-internet age.

In this article we’ll be providing you with some  sales and marketing ideas and thoughts about why it makes such good sense to use your email list to send out, not just emails, but also regular company newsletters.

Newsletters have always been a very effective way of marketing and selling, but in the days before the internet producing them and mailing them out was very expensive. So expensive that very few small businesses could afford to do it.

What’s Special About a Mailing List?

An old-fashioned mailing list comprised the names, addresses and (possibly) telephone numbers  and contact details of people who gave their permission to a company to send them information.

An email list built up in the same way generally comprises no more than a name (sometimes just a first name) and an email address.

Using the Postal Service is Expensive

Before email lists existed sending out letters, brochures etc. through the mail was, as we mentioned above, very expensive. It’s even more expensive today.

If you’ve got a mailing list with the names and addresses of 5,000 subscribers, sending even a small amount of information by post can be significantly expensive.

If you’re a small business and decide to communicate with subscribers by post you’ll need to make sure you have a very strong and effective sales message or you won’t get a decent return from the money you invest in your mailing program.

It’s a well-established fact that very often only 2-3% of the subscribers on a physical (as opposed to an electronic) mailing list will respond. And if they do respond, probably only a small number of them will buy the product you’re trying to sell.

How the Internet has Changed the Mailing Business

The internet has changed all that. Nowadays you can send out emails to 5000 subscribers  in the blink of an eye and it will cost you absolutely nothing.

Email is still free. Because of this you don’t need the same number of responders as you do with communications sent by post.

If your communication and sales skills are even half decent you can make a killing! Many internet marketers make thousands of dollars from a single mailing. And what’s more, there’s nothing to stop you sending emails out to your list again and again.

Use These Company Newsletter Ideas to Get More Business

Many small businesses find it difficult to produce sales letters. One option is to employ some-else to write them for you, but this can prove expensive.

This is where company newsletters come into their own because if you are proud of your products and services and like to talk about your business and your customers there’s always something new to communicate to the individuals on your email list.

So lets look at three company newsletters ideas that you can implement alongside (or instead of) your email letters.

1. Use your company newsletters to generate trust

The first of our company newsletter ideas relates to the power which newsletters have to produce trust.

A good company newsletter can be emailed to subscribers monthly or even weekly with interesting new content. But there’s a catch. People are generally very willing to give you permission to send them emails, but they’ll only become regular readers of what you send out if you are able to catch their attention.

Having caught their attention, you need to make every effort to build a strong bond of trust with them so that they’re willing to take your recommendations and buy the things you’re promoting.

2. Don’t sell directly through your company newsletter

The second of our company newsletter ideas concerns how you use the content in your customer newsletter to get new business.

In the days before internet email, sending a letter to subscribers on a list entailed sending out long sales letters which had to be professionally written if they were to be effective.

This approach doesn’t apply to a company newsletter. These newsletters (often called ezines) are not about hard selling, they are – or at least the most consistently successful ones are – about entertaining, educating and pre-selling.

Pre-selling is the art and skill of warming an audience up by making them desire the product you’re recommending. When this is done properly you can persuade your subscribers to follow up on suggestions you make about your products and services.

You should not try selling through your newsletter.

3. Use your company newsletter to link to your web sales pages

The third of our company newsletter ideas is about linking your newsletter to your company web sales pages.

Your company newsletter can contain suggestions and recommendations about your products and services. The recipients will expect this. Alongside your suggestions and recommendations you should provide links to your web sales pages so that those who are keen to follow up on what you have recommended can find out more.

On your sales pages you can spell out very clearly the features and benefits of your product and provide testimonials from previous customers. Also, a sales page could be for an affiliate product promoted on a website where you have an affiliate arrangement. In this case the link from your website will be coded so that you will be rewarded for any sales made.

Affiliate commissions can often be in the range of 50% to 75%, and in some circumstances affiliate partners will give you 100% of the value of the sales you make because they ‘re more interested in getting new customers than in making an immediate profit.

Your ability to get your readers to click on a link will depend upon the rapport you have built with them through your company newsletter, and the level of trust they have in you.

Start Building Your Newsletter Writing Skills

Start thinking about how you can use these three company newsletter ideas in your company newsletters. If you’ve not written a company newsletter before follow this link to find out How to Write a Company Newsletter.

By building you skills at writing newsletters and by using our company newsletter ideas you’ll be able to grow your business, building stronger relationships with your customers and selling more of your products and services.

If you’ve found this article useful make sure you read our other articles on Marketing Ideas for Small Business.


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