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There are several important factors that need to be weighed up if you want to find the best domain name for your business.

Firstly, although your domain name is the internet home of your business, it doesn’t always make sense for it to be the same as your business name. For example, the domain name of my Website is “Business Growth Hub” even though the name of my Company is Actionplan.

But why didn’t I call my domain Actionplan? The reason I didn’t do this was because I wanted a domain name which related to the keyword searches carried out on the internet by the types of people that I’m particularly interested in –  small to medium-sizes businesses looking for help with Internet marketing.

If you only want your website to be found by the search engines when people search for your company by name then making the two names the same would make good sense, but if your strategy is to use the Internet to grow your business, this isn’t a good idea. For example, I wanted businesses using the keywords “local Internet marketing” and “business growth” to find my domain on the web. But I will also be found by people searching for Actionplan, because Actionplan is also a keyword that I use on content all over my Website.

A lot of research has gone into assessing the importance of domain names, and it’s now generally agreed that you are more likely to be found by the search engines if you have your important keywords in your domain name. You can find out a lot more about identifying the best keywords for your business below.

Webmarketing Domain Names Vs Company Domain Names

In addition to registering (find out about domain name registration) my chosen domain name I also registered a domain appropriate to the name of my Company (“actionplan-online”). I set up this second domain so that it pointed to my main Internet marketing domain (you can do this using the administration panel provided by your web services provider).  Once this was done I knew that visitors who already knew my Company would be able to find me easily on the web even if they didn’t know my domain name.

Tools to Help You Choose Domain Names

Selecting the perfect domain name isn’t always easy.  As I’ve pointed out it’s important to use your important keywords. even so, it’s not always obvious how you can put these keywords into a domain name. Fortunately there are tools available on the Internet to help you with this. Here are some of the sites that can help you find the perfect domain name for your Internet marketing.

Domainr –

On the Domainr home page type in your chosen keywords and you will be offered a range of name options. With this tool you can be very innovative in the way you decide upon your Internet marketing domain names.  The Internet has grown so rapidly in recent years it’s sometimes difficult to find available domain names that end with “.com, .net and .org”.  Domainr helps you explore naming possibilities based upon some of the more unusual domain extensions.

Dotomator –

On the Dotomator website  enter a word (or words) in the appropriate box and choose some of the suggested endings (or enter your own). Click to combine them and shortlist the names you like for availability checking.

BustAName –

BustAName is a feature-packed domain-name finder that uses linguistic data to help you in your search for domains. With BustAName you can save and manage/organize your searches for later use. It provides you with a “list of words” feature that suggests similar words to those you have chosen as your keywords.  You can select these words and organize them inside folders. The creators of BustaName also provide video tutorials on how to use their website.

Domain Tools –

The Domain Tools website provides a range of software tools that will help you uncover relevant information about certain domain names. They have a “whois” search that reveals records about the people or companies that registered the domain, a “suggestions” search to help you find similar domain names and a “domain search” which shows you what domain names are available or for sale.

Domize –

Domize is a search engine that enables you to check quickly for the availability of domains. You can also install a software widget on your website so that visitors can carry out domain name searches.

Squurl –

squurl is another search-engine-based site. It has a “suggestions” feature to help you discover similar domains to the ones you’ve selected.

DomainsBot –

DomainsBot is a domain search engine that has an “advanced” search feature that enables you to carry out a more customized and refined search. For example, you can set the maximum character length of your domain to eliminate lengthy domain names from the results or exclude domain results that have a hyphen (-).

DnScoop –

dnScoop is a very clever tool that tries to estimate the value of a particular domain based on statistics such as site traffic, links pointing to the domain, and other factors. This tool will help you gain some insight into the value of previously registered domain name if you should want to buy a previously registered domain which is up for sales rather than register a new one.

StuckDomains –

StuckDomains is a database of expired domain names that previous owners have not renewed.

Nameboy –

Nameboy is a very popular domain name generator. You select primary and secondary words that describe the topic of your website, and Nameboy suggests possible domain names. For example, typing in “web” and “superman” results in suggestions such as webhero, supeweb and supermanweb. There is also a “rhyme” option that tries to suggest domain names that rhyme with the search phrases.

Dyyo –

Lots of people like to keep domain names as short as possible so that they can be typed quickly and remembered easily. specializes in helping you find 4-letter domain names to keep your URLs short.

What is a Domain Name?

We started this article with a simple question “What is a Domain Name”.  Now you know a lot more about domain names you should be able to find some names that are perfect for your business. Read my other articles to find out more about registering domain names once you have found one that  is suitable for your Internet marketing.

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