Creating Eyecatching Blog Headlines

Go to any marketing blog on the internet and you’re bound to find a post about blog headlines (e.g Copyblogger). This is hardly surprising, because whatever the marketing activity you’re involved (publishing an article, sending an email, creating an ad) the headline is fundamental to attracting attention and customer engagement.

With so many posts on this topic there’s a real need for a tool that can help you to create these headlines instantly.  Something that you can keep close at hand to help you come up with a title that’s truely awesome or help you work with a boring keyword phrase to make it eyecatching, cool and magnetic.

Suppose I am writing about herb gardening (which I do quite frequently). A title such as “All about Herb Gardening” isn’t particularly appealing. Much better might be:

  • Herb Gardening Demystified
  • Herb Gardening Secrets You Wish You Knew One Year Ago
  • 10 Easy Herb Gardening Lessons
  • 3 Facts You Need to Know About Herb Gardening
  • 5 Minute Herb Gardening Quiz

. . . . . and so on.

Paul Clifford, the developer of Headlinr developed over 200 sample blog headlines like these and created templates from them. By inserting your main keyword into these templates you can create eyecatching headlines specific to your articles. The browser plugin that works on Chrome or Firefox does all this work for you, providing instant access to hundreds of potential blog headlines.

Why Develop a Browser Plugin for Blog Headlines?

You might ask why Paul chose a browser plugin?  He did this rather than develop a plugin or desktop app because writing blog headlines is something needed in all areas of marketing – sales copy, email, advertisement, blog post. Having to find your healine app or having to log into an online tool would slow everything down.  Much better if you could have something that was always “on” and ready to hand. Hence the browser plugin.

Here’s a demo of the “blog headlines” tool that Paul developed:


Download a FREE version of basic Headlinr and upgrade to the Pro version if you like it. Once you start using it you’ll never think about blog headlines in the same way again.

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